• Data Set Title: World Music Archives
  • Description: "The World Music Archives began as Prof. Emeritus David McAllester's personal collection of Comanche and Navajo music, recorded in 1940 and 1950, respectively. It was first used in teaching at Wesleyan in 1953. As the World Music Program developed, the collection grew rapidly in both size and scope. Scholars and graduate students, here and elsewhere, contributed materials used in their research, expanding the collection into new areas. Other important collections in the Archives include the only recordings in the United States of the Ulahingan, an epic of the Bagobo people in the Philippines; important collections of Iranian, Japanese, Spanish, Shetland Islands, Greek, Rhodesian (now Zimbabwe) mbira music, and North Indian (Hindustani); and exceptional collections of Indonesian and South Indian (Karnatak) music, two specialties of the world music program at Wesleyan." [Excerpt from website]
  • Data and Document Types: audio recordings, fieldnotes, video recordings
  • Topics: Music
  • Discipline: Music
  • Nature of Collection: Physical holdings with a full online search catalog
  • Location of Collection: Middleton, CT (Wesleyan University)
  • Finding Aid: (Sound), (Video)

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