• Name of Archive: The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America
  • Description of Archive: "AILLA is a digital archive of recordings and texts in and about the indigenous languages of Latin America. The heart of the collection is recordings, both audio and video, in a wide range of genres: narratives, chants, oratory, conversations, songs, and more. Many recordings are transcribed and translated into Spanish, English or Portuguese. The archive also contains a wealth of language documentation materials: grammars, dictionaries, ethnographies, and field notes. The collection includes teaching materials for bilingual education and language revitalization programs. We are committed to serving the indigenous people of Latin America and the scholars who study their languages." [Excerpt from the website's Welcome page]
  • Data or Document Types: audio recordings, fieldnotes, papers, periodicals
  • Region: Latin America
  • Language: Indigenous Latin American Languages
  • Location of Archive: University of Texas at Austin

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