• Data Set Title: PRImate Morphometrics Online (PRIMO)
  • Primary Data Collector: Eric Delson, David P. Reddy, Leslie F. Marcus (1930-2002), and many others
  • Description: PRIMO, the New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology's database, is a resource for researchers who use metrical (including 3D) data to study aspects of primate morphology and evolution. It permits downloading of data on dentitions, crania and postcrania collected by members of the NYCEP Morphometrics Group or archived by other colleagues for public access.
  • Data and Document Types: scalar (e.g., caliper measures of linear distance, angles) or 3D (Microscribe landmark data)
  • Topics: osteology, primates, evolutionary biology, human origins
  • Discipline: physical anthropology
  • Nature of Collection: 5028 cases from various genus of primates available online at:

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