• Data Set Title: Laboratory of Music Ethnology
  • Description: "The Laboratory of Music Ethnology researches traditional folk music of Western Ukraine. Its main directions of work include: systematic collecting of materials (field work research), archival of collected materials, ethnomusicological studies, conference activity. The Laboratory has one of the largest musical ethnographic archives in Ukraine (over 40,000 items, beginning from 1958). The Laboratory annually conducts the Conference of Researchers of Folk Music of the region, along with the publication of its materials." [Description from website]
  • Data and Document Types: Audio Recordings, Fieldnotes
  • Topics: Folk Culture, Music
  • Discipline: Ethnomusicology
  • Nature of Collection: Physical holdings, with the website simply listing holdings.
  • Location of Collection: Lviv, Ukraine (Mykola Lysenko State Higher Music Institute)

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