• Data Set Title: Kinvara online
  • Primary Data Collector: Robert Cresswell (1922 - )
  • Description: Cresswell lived in Kinvara, County Galway, Ireland in 1956 for one year. He extensively documented farming and rural life and published (in 1969) Une communauté rurale de l’Irlande [A rural community in Ireland].
  • Data and Document Types: black and white photographs (450+), Kodachrome slides (89), 16mm film footage, documents and notes.
  • Topics: farming, agriculture
  • Discipline: ethnology
  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Ireland
  • Nature of Collection: Analog photograph collection is housed with University of Ireland, Galway and Irish Film Institute will store the film footage. Digital copies of images are provided to the Galway County Library and to the Museum of Country Life. Website includes digital thumbnails.

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