• Data Set Title: Internet Virtual Metrology Lab (InVirMet)
  • Primary Data Collector: Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies at the U of Arkansas, Fayetteville
  • Description: A digital collection of 3D datasets - free and downloadable - from surveys around the world, including Amarna (Egypt), El Fuerte de Samaipata (Bolivia), Iglesia de Tiahuanaco (Bolivia), Machu Picchu (Peru), Ostia Antica (Italy), Rock Art in Northwest Arkansas (U.S.), Rohwer Japanese American cemetary (U.S.), Spiro Mounds (U.S.), Tiwanaku (Bolivia), Villa Arianna (Italy). Site also includes 3D scans of some pottery and artifacts.
  • Data and Document Types: High Density Survey LiDAR scans
  • Topics: GIS, photogammetry, visualization, recreation
  • Discipline: archaeology
  • Region: North America, South America
  • Country: Bolivia, Egypt, Italy, U.S.
  • Nature of Collection: digital data sets and visualization software (InnovMetric)

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