• Data Set Title: U of Oregon Comparative Primate Collection
  • Primary Data Collector: Theodore I Grand
  • Description: 700 primate and 125 non-primate vertebrate skeletal specimens with associated life history data (age, sex, cause of death, body weight, gestation length, and genealogical information) for most of the specimens. Collection has an emphasis on macaques. In addition to traditional studies of primate skeletal and dental morphology, this collection offers the potential for unique research projects focusing on allometry, growth and development, and patterns of inheritance among primates.
  • Data and Document Types: specimen collection
  • Topics: biological/physical anthropology
  • Discipline: zoology, biology, human evolution
  • Region:
  • Country: United States
  • Language: n/a
  • Nature of Collection: specimen collection
  • Finding Aid: Access with permission of curator, Prof. Frances White

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