• Name of Archive: Cline Library Special Collections and Archives
  • Description of Archive: "The Cline Library is honored to serve as the home for a rich array of archival material which documents the history and development of the Colorado Plateau in a variety of disciplines. The public treasures found in Special Collections take the form of several million items including letters, diaries, and ledgers; vintage and contemporary photographs; oral history interviews; films; and maps. The Library is committed to sharing this regional heritage with a global audience in support of education and enjoyment. Collection strengths include:
    • Colorado River and Grand Canyon
    • Native American history and culture (Four Corners area)
    • Land use and the environment
    • Economic development

[Excerpt from the website's "About Us" page]

  • Data and Document Types: artwork, audio recordings, books, maps, newspapers, papers, photographs, records, video recordings
  • Location of Archive: Northern Arizona University

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