• Name of Archive: Center of Southwest Studies
  • Description of Archive: "We envision the Center of Southwest Studies to be a central gateway where people can learn the unique nature of the American Southwest through the understanding of its people and their dynamic relation to the landscape. We envision a sustainable future for our region and see the Center as an active but impartial leader in helping to foster positive solutions to the complex issues that affect us. We envisage a region of informed and spirited citizens who are active stewards of our historic, cultural, and natural resources. To make this goal a reality, the Center features innovative educational programs and research opportunities that promote a greater awareness of the deep connections between people and natural systems." [Excerpt from the website's "About Us" page]
  • Data and Document Types: artifacts, artwork, maps, photographs, records
  • Region: Southwest United States
  • Country: United States
  • Location of Archive: Fort Lewis College (Colorado, US)

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